EU Parliament told to tone down anti-copyright law stance
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We must protect newspapers with a silly law

EU digital chief Andrus Ansip  called EU lawmakers to tone down their tough line on copyright reforms as Europe races to agree rules which will force tech giants to share revenues with publishers, broadcasters and artists.

Amazon Web Services to take on Cisco
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That is a nice router business you have there... it would be terrible if something happened to it

Amazon Web Services already dominates the market for cloud services and now it wants to take over Cisco's control of the $14 billion global market for data centre switche

Porn filters are a waste of time
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You probably were not expecting this

A team of Oxford boffins took time out from their busy schedule of curing cancer, building rocket cars and finding a genetic cure for the plague to prove that internet filters do not stop people watching porn.

US lifts ZTE ban
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16 July 2018

US lifts ZTE ban

Congress fumes

The US Commerce Department has lifted the export ban on Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE now that it has met all the terms required to get a full reprieve.

Chrome wallops RAM to fight Spectre
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Chip fixes causing the fall of the Chroman empire

Chrome just became collateral damage for the critical Meltdown and Spectre bugs.

DoJ claims Assange colluded with the Russians in the US elections
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Ironically he might even face charges in the US as he is booted out of the Embassy

While Julian "Look at me" Assange might have believed he would be arrested for spying on the US, it looks like he will be charged for colluding with the Russians to get Trump elected.

Intel updates its Graphics driver to version
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Brings fixes and improvements for several games

While you might not get a high FPS on extreme resolutions, Intel's iGPUs still hold a high percentage on Steam hardware survey, so there are plenty of users playing games on it, therefore it is good to see that Intel has started to more actively update its graphics drivers and bring support and bug fixes, including the latest Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 version

AMD releases Radeon Software 18.7.1 driver
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Performance improvements in Earthfall game

AMD has released its latest game-ready Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.7.1 driver which brings performance improvements in the new Earthfall game as well as fixes some issues.

Broadcom loses $18.9 billion after CA deal
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Wall Street convinced that it has lost the plot

Broadcom has seen more than $19 billion wiped off the value of its company after Wall Street gave a plan to buy Computer Associates (CA) the thumbs down.

Makibes G03 Plus GPS smartband
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Good tracking for €38.57

Makibes is not a big established brand in the bushel of smart fitness trackers but the company managed to make an affordable, connected, GPS smart band and price it for under 40 Euro / $44 USD.