AMD 12nm Polaris refresh could be called Radeon RX 590
Published in Graphics

Spotted in 3DMark database

As we already told you earlier, AMD is gearing up to launch a 12nm Polaris refresh which should bring around 10 to 15 percent improvement, and now it appears it could be called the Radeon RX 590.

Huawei Mate 20 Geekbench score impresses
Published in Mobiles

Cortex-A76 doing the magic

Huawei is the first company after Apple to mass produce the 7nm smartphone chip and this will be miles apart from the previous Kirin 970. The combination of Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55 cores will do the magic.

Microsoft told to stay away from Jedi
Published in Cloud

Staff worry about doing evil if they help the Republic

Software Empire Microsoft is at odds with its staff over a move to sign up for the DoD’s defence contract (Jedi).

Microsoft blurs line between phone and tablet
Published in PC Hardware

New patent shows Apple’s next new super cool innovation

The inventor of the modern tablet, Microsoft, is working on a a new hybrid dual-screen Microsoft Surface device that blurs the lines between phone and tablet.

There is not enough humanity in IT
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Head of the Mozilla Foundation warns about a need for philosophiers and psychologists  

The biggest cheese in the Mozzarella Foundation - Mitchell Baker - is warning that IT companies need to diversify their hiring practices to include more people from backgrounds in philosophy and psychology if they want to tackle the problem of misinformation online.

Hard Brexit means hell for IT distributors
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Better to have your Brexit soft

A hard Brexit would hurt IT  distribution according to Canalys president and CEO Steve Brazier.

Police told not to look at iPhones
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You can’t afford them

Coppers have been told not to look at suspects iPhones so that they can be unlocked at a later date.

UK Parliament calls first non-human witness
Published in AI

Asking a robot about AI

The UK Parliament has announced that it will ask a robot about AI issues.

FCC says it legally cannot police the internet
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Changes definitions to suit its case

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened its defence of its net neutrality repeal, telling a court that it has no authority to keep the net neutrality rules in place.

Kanye West wants Apple to build Trump an 'iPlane'
Published in Transportation

And for once we agree with him

Popular beat combo artist and Trump luvvie Kanye West thinks it would be a really good idea if Apple built an iPlane for Donald Trump. While we don’t normally agree with Apple building anything for anyone, we think this might actually save the world.