Gartner confirms smartphone sale's slide
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Three year cycle is with us for ever

Beancounters at Gartner have added up some numbers and reached the same conclusion as everyone else that the smartphone boom is over and people will only start replacing them once every three years instead of yearly.

AMD expands Epyc and Ryzen lines
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Wants  a golden age for high-performance embedded processors

AMD has expanded its Epyc and Ryzen product lines to create what it is calling a "new age for high-performance embedded processors".

uTorrent has serious security flaws
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Could be collecting data on your past downloads

A Google security researcher has found multiple security flaws affecting the uTorrent web and desktop client that allow an attacker to infect a victim with malware or collect data on the users' past downloads.

Chipzilla has a new patch out
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Hopes to exorcise the spectre in the machine

Chipzilla has announced the availability of a new "microcode solution" to the Spectre vulnerability. The updated firmware applies to 6th, 7th and 8th Generation Intel Core devices.

DNA could become a storage device
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One zettabyte in one gram of DNA

Irish boffins may have come up with a storage solution which puts data in DNA.

Google employee fired for threatening "conservative"
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Now he is suing too

A former Google engineer is suing the company for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination after he responded with internal posts and memes to racist and sexist encounters within the company and the general response to the James Damore memo.

Tech companies should stop pretending AI will not cost jobs
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You are doomed says AI expert

Kai-Fu Lee, the founder and CEO of Sinovation Ventures and president of the Sinovation Ventures Artificial Intelligence Institute, believes that we're not ready for the massive societal upheavals on the way.

D-Link has two new wi-fi cameras
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Cheaper home surveillance in the UK

D-Link has unveiled two new HD wi-fi cameras that provide what it claims is top quality professional home surveillance at an affordable price – the DCS-8000LH Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera and DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera.

Intel's new GPU is more of a show off
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No plans to make an actual product

The tech press became rather excited last week when Intel started showing off a new GPU with some even claiming it would change the industry.  It turns out that Intel has no real interest in changing the industry for now.

Indian outsourcers recovering from a tough year
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Software services sector expected to grow again next year

India’s software services exports will see revenue growth of 7-9 percent in constant currency terms in the fiscal year to March 2019 after one of its worst years ever.