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Logitech Harmony Hub turns any smartphone into a remote

by on21 June 2013

But it doesn’t come cheap

Logitech has quite a few HTPC oriented peripherals and accessories, but its latest product might be the toy many geeks would like to see under their Christmas tree.

The Logitech Harmony Hub is an “appcessory” that converts your phone into a proper remote. The product is included with the Logitech Harmony Ultimate, but now it will be available as a standalone unit, backed by a free app.

It is priced at $100, which isn’t very cheap, but then again it doesn’t lack functionality. It can control video services on game consoles and it can control up to eight separate home theatre devices, which should be enough for just about any audio-video geek out there.

Also, since it doesn’t rely on those line-of-sight IR waves, it’s not blocked by cabinets and walls, allowing users to waste even fewer calories changing the channel.


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