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Nintendo still can’t get control of

by on03 July 2013

Loses appeal and continues to look at options

The domain dispute in which Nintendo of America filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization over the ownership of the domain name has ended with Nintendo on the losing end on appeal.

A number of Wii U-related domain names were secured by Nintendo back in 2011, but the Wiiu domain has been the property of the registrant since 2004, way before the Wii U was announced by Nintendo and before Nintendo started registering related domain names.

Nintendo also attempted a filing of a Cybersquatting complain, in an attempt to gain control of the Wiiu domain; but WIPO denied this, too. Nintendo at this point is left with few options other than to work out a price for sale of the domain with the domain’s owner. (This is, of course, assuming that the owner of the domain wants to sell.)

Nintendo isn’t the only one that is having domain name problems. Microsoft is involved in a similar dispute over the ownership of and Microsoft has already filed with the National Arbitration Forum in hopes of gaining ownership of the domains. Similar to Nintendo’s attempt to secure the domain, one has to wonder if these latest rulings will figure into the decision.

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