Intel and Micron end partnership
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Thanks for the memories

Intel and Micron are to pull the plug on their long-running partnership on 3D NAND flash memory by early next year.

iPhone 8 delay rumoured
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Has Apple dropped the ball?

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn that the iPhone 8 could face delays because of difficulties getting its 3D camera ready.

Diamonds are your data’s best friend
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Another storage option

A team of boffins has come up with a new way of saving huge amounts of data on diamonds.

Microsoft releases PC with 3D features
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Coming at ya

Software king of the world Microsoft unveiled its first ever desktop computer and a free update to its Windows operating system that allows edits using 3D simulations.

General Electric shocks with 3D printer shopping spree
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Apparently people have not given up on 3D printing after all

General Electric wants to buy two European 3D printing groups, in a sign that the technology is really still with us after all.

3D VR  standards being drawn up
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Could glTF be the new JPEG

A new standard for 3D scenes similar to what happened with JPEG is being hammered out by a starndards group – The Khronos Group.

Samsung scores memory contract from Apple
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All thanks to new EMI shielding

After five years, it seems that Apple is back to loving Samsung's NAND flash memory again.

3D officially dying again
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Samsung and LG phasing it out

It is looking like 3D technology is dead in the water with both Samsung and LG phasing it out in new TVs.

Gartner thinks 3D printing will grow
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Others think the fad is going away

While many think that the optimism about the growth of 3D printers was unfounded, analyst outfit Gartner Group thinks there is "gold in them thar hills."

Google releases Tango development tablet
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3D sensing tablet is still not Woz

While Google is characteristically quiet about its 3D-sensing hardware – Project Tango, there is some evidence that the project is moving along.