Intel claims to have created world's fastest chip
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Stratix 10 can do 10 trillion floating point operations per second

Chipzilla claims that its new Stratix 10 chip is the world's fastest chip.

Chipzilla loses its specs
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Tame Apple Press claims Intel is short sighted

Intel has walked away from its Vaunt smart glasses and closing the group responsible for wearable devices.

AI robot does something a human can't
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Builds IKEA furniture without using a hammer to knock in the screws

A team of boffins has created robots that can do something even most humans struggle with – making IKEA furniture.

Facebook working out how to limit EU law's impact
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This is going to end well

Social notworking site Facebook is squaring up to take on the EU by directly attempting to circumvent its new privacy laws to minimise its effect on the company.

Huawei quits US
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19 April 2018

Huawei quits US

Not worth the effort

Huawei is reportedly going to give up on selling its products and services in the United States due to Washington's accusations that the company has ties to the Chinese government.

India invented the internet thousands of years ago
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Government minister touts ancient Indian engineering feat 

Ancient Indians invented the internet thousands of years ago, according to an Indian government minister.

AMD hits back at Nvidia's partner programme
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Handbags at dawn

AMD has been firing off some salvos at Nvidia's Partner Programme which appears designed to force suppliers to only sell its products.

IBM profits fall short of Wall Street expectations
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Reinvention talking time

Big Blue posted profit margins that fell short of Wall Street expectations in a sign that its turn around was taking time.

ZTE might lose Android licence
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A US company makes android

ZTE's woes over losing all its US component companies might get worse as it was revealed that it might also lose its Android licence. 

Microsoft delays Windows 10 update
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A few too many blue screens

Software King of the World Microsoft has delayed the launch of its Spring Creators Update for Windows 10 because of technical issues the company encountered with the supposed final release.