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Apple’s money man questions its numbers
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Goldman Sachs analyst sais Apple TV be low margin

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has had a very public bust-up after its own Wall Street analyst questioned the numbers behind its Apple TV+ streaming service.

Apple falls out with Disney
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There can be only one Mickey Mouse outfit when it comes to streaming

Disney CEO and close friend of Steve Jobs,  Bob Iger has fallen out with Apple and quit its board of directors, Apple said in an SEC filing on Friday.

Stallman defends himself over Epstein comments
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Not really what I said

Open saucy messiah Richard Stallman has found himself in a bit of a mess after he was quoted as defending Marvin Minsky's association with dead sex-pest Jeffrey Epstein.

Debt collectors hounding your Facebook friends
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21st-century tactics

Debt collectors have started hassling debtors' Facebook friends in a bid to put pressure on them to pay up.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a stupid waste
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Says the bloke who bought us Nine Lives

Barry Sonnenfeld, director of the "Men in Black" series, "Get Shorty" and most recently Netflix's "Series of Unfortunate Events", says 8K is "only good for sports" and High Dynamic Range (HDR) is "stupid" and "a waste."