Xilinx Developer Forum 2019 starts October 1
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Adaptive intelligent world

Last year was the first time that Xilinx held a massive Xilinx Developers forum, and on October 1 and 2, the company plans the annual event over again. Victor Peng, President, and Chief Executive Officer is expected to give us an update on adaptable intelligent world vision.

AI is now an eighth grade nerd
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Gets 90 percent in a science test

Four years ago, more than 700 computer scientists competed in a contest to build artificial intelligence that could pass an eighth grade science test.

AI mimics CEO in fraud case
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First reported case of its type

Criminals used artificial intelligence-based software to impersonate a chief executive's voice and demand a fraudulent transfer of $243,000 in March in what cybercrime experts described as an unusual case of artificial intelligence being used in hacking.

Xilinx introduces world’s biggest FPGA
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35 billion transistors in 16nm

The master of FPGAs has launched the world’s highest capacity FPGA ever designed. For those who didn’t pay attention in computer science class, FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) is the hardware programmable chip that is used for chip emulation, test, measurement, compute, networking, aerospace and defense and many other tasks including AI.

Intel releases its first AI chip
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Never mind that Nervana smells like a 10 nanometer Ice Lake processor 

Intel unveiled its latest processor that will be its first using artificial intelligence (AI) and is designed for large computing centres.