Nvidia releases DIY AI
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Jetson Nano

The GPU maker named after a Roman vengeance demon, Nvidia, has released an entry level AI mini-computer for those who like to tinker.

Pure Storage releases industry AI
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With Nvidia inside

 Pure Storage has announced a new range of AI solutions for industries based around Nvidia chips.

Humans are the biggest threat to personal data
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The machines are ok

Hardware encryption outfit Apricorn has come up with a survey which found a per cent of respondents believe that humans pose the biggest threat to their data.

Google AI team comes up with deep learning library
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GPipe open sourced

Google's AI research division has open-sourced GPipe, a library for "efficiently" training deep neural networks (layered functions modelled after neurons) using Lingvo, a TensorFlow framework for sequence modelling.

Most AI start-ups don’t use AI
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AI systems are really human powered

While investors seem keen to invest in start-ups with AI tech, they might want to have a look under the bonnet first to see if they are getting what it says on the tin.