Chipzilla investigates Photonic integrated circuits
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Getting AI into the matrix

Chipzilla boffins have released details of some interesting findings which could bring optical neural networks a step closer to reality.

Microsoft looks to AI to replace developers
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Intelligent suggestions that improve code quality and productivity

Software king of the world Microsoft is looking at AI to improve code quality and productivity.

Raja points out Nvidia and AMD datacenter weakness
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GPU only strategy, or tiny software ecosystem

As a part of its software update and a One API strategy announcement Raja Koduri, the SVP of Intel architecture, graphics and software took time to mention two main competitors and used green for the company that has a GPU centric strategy and red for the company that has both a CPU and GPU.

How Ever AI used its social network to build its face recognition tech
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Customers are soo silly

A social networking app which is packed full of snaps of people and their kids was being used to create military-grade facial recognition software.

Intel expects 7nm in 2021
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7nm data center GPU confirmed

Intel has provided a financial analyst community update about its 10nm and, it even mentioned 7nm for 2021, touching beyond that. The first 7nm from Intel seems to be a 7nm general purpose GPU.