Xbox boss wants to tackle toxic gamers
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If it works, they can try Game of Thrones fans

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer wants to tackle toxic gamers whose abuse and harassment, and exclusionary attitudes have been keeping gaming spreading beyond its most hardcore, traditional demographic.

Microsoft and Sony team up to fight Google
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Looking at cloud-based gaming.

Software king of the world Microsoft and Sony are partnering on cloud-based gaming services in an area where they have been traditional rivals.

World of Warcraft Classic launching in August
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Beta already underway

Blizzard has officially set the World of Warcraft Classic release date for August 27th, with a closed beta test already up and running for those invited.

Playing Pokemon as a kid changed your brain
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You now have a Pokemon brain

After scanning the brains of adults who played Pokemon as kids, researchers have discovered that they have a part of the brain region that responds more to the cartoon characters than to other pictures.

US Republican wants to ban most computer games for children
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Wants to stop computer game addiction

Republican senator Josh Hawley has announced that he will introduce legislation banning "manipulative" online game features he says can push children to become addicted to technology.