Adobe bug cost video bloke thousands - claim
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Class action

Freelance videographer Dave Cooper has filed a class action lawsuit against Adobe, alleging that he lost $250,000 worth of video.

SAP snatches up Qualtrics International for $8 billion
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Pre-empting an IPO

The maker of expensive business software which no one really understands, SAP, has written an $8 billion cheque for Qualtrics International.

Cisco and Amazon to help businesses in the clouds
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Big and powerful team up

Networking gear outfit Cisco has teamed up with Amazon Web Services to offer software tools that would make it easier for Cisco’s customers to use Amazon’s data centres.

Morpheus Data rolls out new multi-cloud platform
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Hybrid IT projects for large enterprises

The cloud outfit named after a dream daemon, Morpheus Data, has released enhancements to its next-gen multi-cloud management platform (CMP) for hybrid IT projects at large enterprises and service providers.

Public cloud in a state of confusion
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Netmetix MD Paul Blore warns about stability and security

Paul Blore, MD at Netmetix, has warned that with public cloud outpacing private cloud infrastructure that a number of misconceptions have been disseminated which have cast a cloud of confusion regarding the benefits of public cloud.