Microsoft told to stay away from Jedi
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Staff worry about doing evil if they help the Republic

Software Empire Microsoft is at odds with its staff over a move to sign up for the DoD’s defence contract (Jedi).

Microsoft blurs line between phone and tablet
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New patent shows Apple’s next new super cool innovation

The inventor of the modern tablet, Microsoft, is working on a a new hybrid dual-screen Microsoft Surface device that blurs the lines between phone and tablet.

Bing favoured neo-Nazi conspiracy stories
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Microsoft clamps down on horrifying search results

Software King of the World Microsoft has discovered that its Bing search engine had a nasty habit of favouring neo-Nazi conspiracy stories when dealing with sensitive race issues.

IBM takes on JEDI
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11 October 2018

IBM takes on JEDI

The Force is strong in this one

IBM is challenging the US Defence Department’s decision to turn to a single provider for its $10 billion department wide cloud computing infrastructure which has the Star Wars name JEDI.

Microsoft back as a top PC vendor
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Surface doing well

Microsoft broke into the top five list of PC vendors in the US for the first time, thanks to its line of Surface computers, laptops, and tablets.

Microsoft thows Linux a life saver
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Just as it did with Apple

Software king of the world Microsoft is helping the open saucy Linux by making shedloads of patents available to the movement to protect them from patent trolls.

Microsoft re-releases October Windows 10 update
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Promises it will not eat your personal files

Microsoft is re-releasing its Windows 10 October 2018 Update today, following the company pulling it offline due to the fact it was eating users' personal files.

Microsoft's $7.5 billion GitHub deal will get EU approval
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Unconditional nod

Software King of the Wolrd Microsoft will get unconditional EU antitrust approval for its $7.5 billion purchase of privately held coding website GitHub.

Microsoft pulls October 10 update
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Bugs ate user files

Software King of the world Microsoft has had to pull and pause its October 10 release of Windows 10 after bugs within the software started munching users' files. 

Microsoft rolls out new Surface devices in NYC
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Surface Laptop 2, Pro 6, Studio 2 and Surface Headphones as well

At its dedicated event in New York, Microsoft unveiled a couple of new Surface devices, including the Surface Laptop 2, Surface Pro 6, Surface Studio 2 AiO, and the Surface Headphones.