Microsoft making foldable devices
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In time for Apple to invent two years later 

The company, which brought the world the tablet and the touchscreen smartphone, is working on adapting Windows to work on foldable devices.

3DMark Port Royal available for download
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First dedicated Ray Tracing benchmark

As announced earlier, UL Benchmarks has now officially launched its first dedicated ray tracing benchmark, the 3DMark Port Royal.

Microsoft demolishes Redmond Vole Hill
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Modernising Redmond

Software King of the World Microsoft has started demolishing 13 buildings connected to its Redmond Volehill sending the little voles scurrying into temporary accommodation.

Windows 10 finally beats Windows 7
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Took three years

More than three years after its release, Windows 10 has passed Windows 7 in market share.

Facebook gave data to Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and the Royal Bank of Canada
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Considered them exempt from privacy rules

Facebook documents, found by the New York Times, show that the social network considered Microsoft, Spotify, Netflix, and the Royal Bank of Canada business partners and effectively exempted them from its privacy rules.

Microsoft snubs Intel on Hololens
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Qualcomm's 'Always Connected' Snapdragon 850 SoC gets the nod

Software king of the world Microsoft has decided not to use Intel chips in its second generation HoloLens mixed reality headset.

Microsoft abandons the Edge
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Moving to Chromium

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that Microsoft is about to dump its Edge browser and move to a Chromium base.

AMD could power future Microsoft Surface laptops
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With upcoming Picasso APUs

According to the rumor mill, Microsoft's future Surface laptop could use AMD hardware, most likely the upcoming Picasso APUs.

3DMark for DirectX Raytracing comes in January 2019
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3DMark Port Royal

UL Benchmarks has announced that its newest benchmark for ray tracing will be coming in January 2019, dubbed 3DMark Port Royal.

Microsoft developing AR for military
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For use in combat

Microsoft has won a $480 million contract to develop an augmented reality system for use in combat and military training for the US Army.